GuardBridge Paper Mill

I drive past here everyday to and from work and I’ve been meaning to stop and take a few shots for ages. That evening however the sun was just in the right place and I couldn’t resist it.

Sadly the mill closed just before Chirstmas 2008 due to the credit crunch.

Guardbridge paper mill

Another shot of the mill, “over the wall”

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2 Responses to GuardBridge Paper Mill

  1. Chris McLaughlin says:

    I must say the first photograph of the mill and Eden is simply gorgeous. I have difficulty finding/coming across mediums for my photographs, so to see that there could be such a photo taken where I live was an eye-opener. Thank you, excellent work.

  2. Greg Stubbs says:

    Excellant photos.

    I live in Australia and used to purchase paper from this mill during the 1980’s
    Fond memories of the people I used to deal with during that time.


    Greg Stubbs

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